An AMA study that was published back in 2016 was just recently updated this year. The study tried to conclude the level of adoption among physicians integrating digital health tools into their practice.

There has been significant growth in those who would take advantage of this emerging technology and those who currently use it in their practice. In 2016 85% said that there were advantages to using digital health tools, it’s now up to 93%. Additionally, previously there was an average of 2.2 digital health tools being used per practice, which grew to 3.8 this year.

Burnout and the ability to reduce staff stress has been a key indicator of this increased adoption.

Impact on Outcomes

Janet Dillione our CEO recently shared her thoughts on the AMA study.

Dillione believes that digital healthcare can make a great impact on health outcomes and patient engagement. We are already seeing measurable improvements in reducing blood pressure and blood glucose among patients with hypertension and weight loss among patients with obesity by using our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution.

We are able to encourage our patients to be more proactive about their health and allow them to be more informed and involved with their treatment with the help of our AI Virtual health assistant.

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