Integrated Healthcare Executive recently interview Eric Navarette a practice manager at a medical facility in Texas. He goes into detail on how adopting a remote patient monitoring (RPM) from 100Plus – part of the Connect America family of brands – has alleviated administrative burden and improved patient outcomes over the course of 1 year.

Why an RPM Solution?

RPM is a great way to establish a closer connection with patients for practices that are busy or may not see patients as often as they would like. With RPM you can monitor your patients’ blood pressure, glucose, and weight and intervene if necessary.

How RPM Impacts Outcomes

A solution like 100Plus’s RPM helps patients adhere to their treatment plans. There is a lot of positive feedback and accountability on both sides when adding this technology into a practice.

How RPM Impacts Your Practice

It has helped streamline a lot of tasks and improved the metrics you can have on hand for each patient. The metric portal allows for easy decision-making when adjusting treatment plans, and outreach is easier as well because you can prioritize and talk to patients before there is an issue.

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