Meet Josephine

Josephine is 78 years old, retired and lives alone. She was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Meet Josephine

Josephine is 78 years old, retired and lives alone. She was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

How Health and Home Connect

How Josephine Connects to Care

With help from Connect America Home™, she stays connected to her care team and receives the support she needs to maintain her independence. CA Home offers Josephine a full suite of connective care solutions.

AI Virtual Support


Esper, our Al virtual health assistant checks in with Josephine daily.

Connected Devices

On the Go+

Josephine’s On the Go+ provides fast access to help 24/7 at home or on the go.

Medication Management


The MedReady medication dispenser ensures Josephine gets the proper doses at the right time, everytime.

Remote Patient Monitoring


100Plus’ remote monitoring platform sends Josephine’s daily vitals to her healthcare provider and care team.

Follow Josephine’s Journey

Josephine Alerts Esper to an Issue

“I’m running low on groceries and really need to get my bloodwork done, but I am feeling lightheaded and don’t think I can drive.”

Esper instructs her to press her On the Go+ help button.

A Trained Operator Respond

“Don’t worry Josephine, your ride is on the way. I will stay with you until they arrive.”

The operator routes to get a grocery delivery and a ride to get bloodwork.

Josephine’s Stats Change

Josephine’s step counts are declining, and her blood pressure is low. Esper sends her an alert.

“Josephine, I’ve let your care team know your blood pressure is low. How are you feeling? Maybe you should eat something.”

Esper Alerts the Provider

Josephine’s healthcare provider views the alert from the dashboard; starts a video consult, instructs her to eat and updates her meds.

“Hi Josephine, I’ve called in your new prescription. This should help but you need to eat something, and I noticed your step count was also low. Can we work on getting more walks in?”

New Medication is Ready

Josephine’s new medication is put in the device and she takes it properly.

Josephine responds to her AI-virtual assistant that she has taken her medication and is feeling much better now.

Her Daughter is Notified

Josephine’s daughter is notified through the Caregiver app that her provider was consulted and the situation was resolved.

“Mom, I am so relieved your alright! We will go for a walk together when I visit this weekend.”

Josephine Leaves Home

Two weeks later, Josephine goes outside the Geofence and takes too long to return home from a walk. Esper is alerted and contacts Josephine.

“Hi Josephine, are you ok? Do you need some help?”

Help is Requested

Esper, the AI assistant, is alerted to Josephine’s situation and intervenes.

“Yes, I think I am a little lost and may need directions to get home.”

Josephine’s Daughter is Notified

Josephine’s daughter is contacted and she gets her location through the GPS from her PERS device. She sends a neighbor to pick her up.

“Don’t worry Mom. We have your location and are sending your neighbor Pam to pick you up and take you home.”

Connect America Home

Our End-to-End Connective Care Platform

Connected Devices

Connected Devices

Innovative health and safety devices and wearables that connect to critical emergency and non-emergency services.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

An AI-enabled RPM and CCM platform proven to increase patient adherence and improve health metrics.

Analytics and Insights

Analytics and Insights

Actionable data that enhances health insights and results in better care at lower costs.

Concierge Call Center

Concierge Call Center

Trained specialists answer in seconds at the press of a button and provide critical support services.

AI Virtual Support

AI Virtual Health Assistant

The smart extension of your care team that helps boost adoption, adherence and outcomes.

Activity & Mobility Monitoring

Activity Monitoring

Continuous monitoring in and away from the home helps prevent wandering, avoid falls and reduce unnecessary ED visits.

Medication Management

Medication Management

Help ensure medication adherence and reduce adverse events related to prescription medications.

SDOH Services

SDOH Services

Address key challenges facing seniors and at-risk populations by connecting them to essential services.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

We’re North America’s Largest Provider of Digital Health and Safety

Lives Protected

10+ Million lives protected—and counting

Active Subscribers

3,000+ Provider Partners

Analytics and Insights

~900K Active Subscribers

Senior Living

~250K Senior Living Residents

Patients Monitored

40K+ Patients Monitored with RPM Solutions

Concierge Call Center

850K+ Signals, calls or incidents handled monthly

Recognized for Excellence

AVIA Marketplace’s Top 50 Remote Patient Monitoring Companies

AVIA Marketplace Top 50

Recognized as a Top Company in Remote Patient Monitoring after extensive research and company outreach by AVIA Marketplace, the leading digital health marketplace.

Black Book 2022

Black Book® Emerging Solution

Named by healthcare research firm Black Book as one of 50 emerging solutions poised to create a more integrated, patient-centric ecosystem within healthcare IT.

Best Company Top 28 Companies to Watch

Top 28 Companies to Watch

Featured on the Best Company list of Top 28 Companies to Watch in 2023, which showcases businesses that exhibit significant promise in several key areas.

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